Workout Wednesday: Lunge Madness | Day 28

lunge madness workout

Today’s workout is called lunge madness, designed to hit your legs from all angles. Lunges target your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. You can do this workout at home or in the gym – all you need is a set of dumbbells! Save this one for your next lower body day.

Perform all exercises back-to-back, minimizing rest and keeping your heart rate up throughout.

The Lunge Madness Workout:

Walking forward lunges, 8 ea. leg

Renegade row, 10 total (5 ea. arm)

Walking lateral lunges, 8 ea. leg

Push-ups, 10

Reverse lunges (off a low elevated surface, such as a box), 8 ea. leg (one at a time)

Jumping lunges, 10 (5 ea. leg)

Rest 1 min, and repeat!

I recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes and completing as many rounds as possible. Otherwise, complete 3-4 rounds.

My Biggest Tips?

While in the lunge, keep your front knee behind your toe. Drop down fully with each step, taking your knee a few inches from the floor. If you want to target your glutes a bit more, focus on a slight forward lean.

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The printable version:

lunge madness workout