Workout Wednesday: The Stepper Upper! | Day 7

Today’s blog post is a simple bodyweight workout you can do anywhere – the stepper upper! All you need is a step or staircase (bleachers are best). I’m all about quick, effective workouts, and this one gets the job done!

Alternate the following exercises back-to-back (supersets) of 10 reps each, or 30 seconds each:

Squat Jumps / Push ups

Step ups / Tricep dips

Split Squats / Supermans (lying on the ground, driving your elbows back)

Step-downs (one foot on the step at all times, the other leg tapping down) / Plank Shoulder Taps (alternating tapping shoulders while holding a plank position)

Run up the stairs, back down, and repeat! 3-6 sets, rest as needed (I advise 30-90 seconds between sets).

Did you complete it? How many rounds? Share your workout on Instagram and tag #WorkoutWednesday and @meginspirefit!