Workout of the Day: Full Body Circuit | Day 21

This week’s Workout Wednesday calls for a full body circuit! This one hits legs, glutes, back, shoulders and arms all-in-one!

Complete 2-4 rounds or go for time:

  1. Squat to shoulder press, 12 reps superset with Renegade Row with push up, 6 ea. side
  2. Deadlift to upright row, 12 reps superset with reverse lunge with lateral raise, 8 ea. side
  3. Bench step ups, 10 ea. leg (one leg at a time) superset with bench tricep dips, 15 reps
  4. Reverse flys, 15 reps superset with glute bridge (using a single DB on your hips), 15 reps

Did you do it? Leave a comment below with the number of rounds you completed, or tag me on Instagram @meginspirefit or #MegInspireFIT!

Full Body Routine MegInspire (1)