Guest Post: Why Nutrition Rules Give You Freedom

nutrition rules

Today’s article is a guest post by Katherine Edgecumbe, certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition coach, and owner of Katherine Lynn Fitness, her online fitness and nutrition coaching business. Katherine and I initially connected over Facebook, where she’s been crushing it with Facebook live videos that are super helpful, down-to-earth and filled with insight. She helps women live more fulfilled lives through movement and sustainable, moderate eating. In this post, she’ll show you how creating your own set of nutrition rules can actually bring you freedom and help you enjoy eating without stress.

You’re out to dinner with a friend, you sit down at the table and pick up the menu. There are dozens of options, many of them look “healthy” and even more of them look delicious. You stare at the menu, paralyzed by everything you could eat. Suddenly your friend is staring at you and the waiter is waiting on your order. You’ve got no idea what to eat, so you quickly order a burger and some sweet potato fries.


Sound familiar? Me too.

We’ve all been there, showing up at a dinner, brunch, or happy hour with the best of intentions, but leaving feeling exhausted and potentially disappointed in the food choices we’ve made. This happened to me ALL the time in college and in my first year adulting, especially at lunchtime. There were so many things I could eat that I froze, never knowing what to choose. This left me feeling trapped and paralyzed by analysis.

Since then, I’ve implemented daily nutritional rules into my life that have given me SO much more freedom than I ever expected.

nutrition rules

Yeah, I know it sounds like a contradiction, freedom = rules/structure. But it is totally true.

These nutrition rules guide my eating every single day, Christmas day or random Monday. They help me stay consistent and allow me NOT to think about food.

  1. Prioritize veggies and protein at every meal to stabilize blood sugar and satiety.
  2. Eat one BIG ASS SALAD per day to ensure I max out the micronutrients & fiber of veggies.
  3. Dark chocolate or wine every day. Keeps me sane.
  4. When in doubt, choose dietary fat over carbs. Carbs often leave me feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and I have found food timing to be incredibly important. So, when faced with the choice, I do better with dietary fat.

I am NOT saying theses should be your rules, but defining your principles will give you the flexibility to live your life without constant thoughts of food.


Returning to our dinner out scenario with our rules makes for a completely different outcome. Using our rules takes the guesswork out of eating in any social situation.

  1. Okay…I am looking for an entree with lots of protein and veggies.
  2. Did I already have a salad today or could that be a good option?
  3. Do I need a little indulgence?
  4. Well, let’s limit the carbs, so a burger is off the table.

When we have structure in place for our eating, we can do anything, go anywhere without constant stress. We can just plug foods into our lives, based off of some general guidelines. So, I encourage you to take a few minutes to figure out your rules. They should help you to eat in a way that supports your fitness goals without much additional thought.


I’m passionate about sharing this tool because it has helped me reach a much healthier place with food, allowing me to enjoy the foods I love while also maintaining a healthy body and mind.

I really hope this helps! If you’re looking for more specific guidance and a step-by-step formula for what to eat when, don’t hesitate to check out my guide to automated eating. My exclusive portion control guide eliminates the guesswork and automates your eating once and for all.