What will you be remembered for?

This past weekend was our cross country banquet. Among all the tribute speeches and awards given, our coach posed an important question to all of us:

 “What would this team be missing if you weren’t here?”

This question really struck me, and has been something I’m struggling to figure out. Right now, as a new transfer student, the answer feels like: nothing. And I ought to change that. I feel like I can offer a lot, but haven’t been making use of it. Maybe I’ve brought a sprinkle of something, but it hasn’t been memorable enough to leave a mark. Not yet.

At North Oldham Middle/High, it was my listening ear and ability to pull through in races. At Kingwood High School, it was my passion for the sport and ability to hold the pace in workouts. At Lamar, it was my way of inviting teammates to new events and helping others see that there could be a life outside of running. So what will it be at Minnesota? I only have a year left to figure it out – better start now.

The thing is, this doesn’t just apply to a team. Ask yourself this question at work, in your family, your organizations or clubs, any group you’re a part of.

Don’t simply go through the motions. Be more than a number, more than “another,” more than a butt filling a seat. Strive to leave a mark. Make it noticeable when you are gone. So I challenge you to answer the question:

What will you be remembered for?