The Key to Life: Make Things Happen


After a long period of no posts, I realized it was because I just wasn’t sure what to contribute – I see myself more as a thinker than a doer, an observer rather than an actor, an absorber of information instead of a sharer of knowledge. Putting myself out there has never been natural for me. I’m the shadow behind my friends, the one who reads what’s already been written. 

Yet I somehow want to make an impact, make an imprint on the world. Eventually. One day. I’ll share my knowledge once I know what I’m talking about, once I gain a respectable position with a reputable degree and all the credentials I’ll need. 

When will that be? 

This is the problem here: following a path that has been set on the road of a passive life, not an active one; shying away from others who are obviously more intelligent, respectable, confident, attractive, and higher up than you are.

We often wonder how these people got there. Celebrities, influential politicians, successful authors, public speakers. When did they adopt this aura that surrounds them? Where did this success come from? Were they simply born with it? At some point down the line, they started out just like us; and then suddenly, they became a whole new person. Given that we can’t see the full picture, it only makes sense that we hone in on the fame, success, and glory of these individuals. That’s how many of us think of them; and even more, how we behave towards them. But how do we think of ourselves? Just as we are, compared to them. And compared to what we see of them (only good parts), we see all of us (especially the bad parts, which we tend to focus on). These are limiting beliefs that only hold us back from achieving what they did, from becoming who they are – which is what many of us aspire to do.

Beneath their most glorious, highlighted moments that we see, there are things we do not see.

Little do we realize, they once crossed the same path we did. There had to have been a way. Not a single success story arises overnight. From the time we are in the womb, we are a process, continually growing and molding and shaping our lives as humans day-to-day, week-to-week, year-to-year. We often justify working jobs we don’t like, “one day” or “someday.” “One day” and “someday” are words that only deceive. Stop using them. Make that “ONE DAY” TODAY. Today is one day. Today is your day. Before you know it, the sum of many days becomes your once-made vision of “SOMEDAY.” And then you are left with only the sum of what you have made out of each “one day.”

Put your words out there for others to see. Share the knowledge that you already have. Most of us already know what we need to do, the key is application. We are the sum of our experiences, our perceptions, and we have the power to make an impact by expressing what we know. In fact, this is the only way. If we keep our words, knowledge, and stored up in our head, it does no good. We must contribute.

Simply living without contributing is like feeding off the world; it’s being a parasite to others. Relationships are mutual; two givers make the happiest partners. Life is built on relationships. Why don’t we treat it the same way? Each day, strive to give more than you take. If you aren’t doing either, you aren’t going anywhere. In order to move forward in life, we must (1) believe we have the power to contribute; and (2) make it happen.

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