Does Sitting Really Kill?

Search up “sitting” and “killing” and you’ll get a multitude of relevant results, mostly from the past year or two. Researchers and writers alike have recently shed light on health-hazard-of-sittingthe newest silent killer that is most prevalent nationwide, and somehow harming us all. But who says? What are these claims based off of? To what extent does sitting actually “kill”? Does exercise make any difference?

The answers to these questions may be tough to reveal, but are certainly worth exploring. One recent article calls sitting “the new smoking” while others claim it negates workout benefits. Sitting is certainly sedentary, but before we go around saying sitting kills, we might want to consider the research from which the claim is derived.

What do you guys think? Time for stand-up desks and stand-up lifeguards? Will there one day be stand-up cars?

Standard Media – Sitting Is the New Smoking:

Mail Online- Sitting down is KILLING you!

Forbes – How Sitting Too Much Might Contribute To Certain Cancers:

Washington Post – Couch potatoes pay attention! Sitting too much can cause cancer:

News Press – Watch Your Seat – Sitting is slowly taking time off your life:

CBS – 2 Hours of Sitting Cancels Out 20 Minutes of Exercise!

TIME: An Hour of Exercise Can Make Up for a Day of Sitting Down:
Sitting All Day Isn’t As Bad If You Do This:

Boston Globe – Can effects of sitting be erased with exercise?

Runner’s World – How Much Does Sitting Negate Your Workout Benefits?

Today – Don’t let sitting all day kill you — 5 easy ways to keep moving at your desk:

NY Daily Nsitting-kills-moving-heals-coverews – Physically fit desk workers need not worry about effects of sitting: study

Check out LifeHack’s extensive infographic on how sitting kills and what you can do to combat it:

There’s even a book! Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: Buy it for $12 on Amazon:

An update to this post: Turns out, standing too much is bad for your health, too. The key is balance. This is a great infographic on the long-term health effects of sitting vs. standing developed by Georgetown Nursing department:

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