Workout Wednesday: Shoulder Circuit | Day 14

Today’s Workout of the Day is a shoulder circuit, designed to hit your delts from all angles! Strong shoulders are the secret sauce to a shapely bod. This quick circuit will leave you feeling the burn!

Warmup: 1 set of each: shoulder rolls, 15-20 light shoulder presses and 15-20 lateral raises.

Shoulder Workout (Complete 3-4 rounds of supersets, performing exercises back to back):

1A) Seated DB Shoulder Presses x 12 alt. with 1B) Rear Flys 12-15

2A) Standing Lateral Raises alt. with 2B) Front Raises x 12 ea.

3A) Cable Face Pulls, AKA High Rows x 12 alt. with 3B) Push ups (can be at an incline)

4A) Rear Deltoid Cables x 12-15 alt. with 4B) Regular Flys x 12


For More Exercises and Explanations: Top 10 Shoulder Exercises for Women

Do you have a go-to shoulder workout or favorite shoulder exercise? Comment below and let me know!