Run Coaching

I offer online, personalized running coaching tailored to meet your goals and help make you a stronger, faster, more resilient runner – and reach that next PR!

Races I can help you train for:

online running coach

-Road and trail races such as 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon distances

-Obstacle course races and mud runs such as Spartans and Tough Mudders

Most plans are 8-16 weeks and on a month-to-month basis in 4-week cycles. Spots are limited to ensure quality coaching experience.

All plans include:

-Weekly training schedule delivered via email

-Detailed training log, with option of nutrition log

-Preliminary coaching questionnaire with detailed assessment of imbalances and current fitness level

-Weekly feedback on workouts and suggestions to modify training

-Check-in calls and emails, as needed (initiated by the athlete)

-Guidelines on how to integrate strength training into your program, with option of periodized programming tailored to your needs


Personalized run coaching: $100 per month

Strength-training add-on, 2-3 sessions per week: $50 per month

Apply for run coaching by emailing: