This page covers my favorite products – from protein bars to blogs to books (because there’s so much great info out there – and it should be shared!

Exercise equipment:

Resistance Band Set

Therband Resistance Bands

Foam Roller  

The Stick Travel Stick

TRX Suspension Training Kit

Pull Up Bar

Workout accessories/clothing:

Garmin Forerunner 230 – my running watch

Nike Womens Pro Cool Training Tights

Food (aka, snaxxx):

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars – my fav. protein bar – high in protein, chocolate chunks, and deliciousness. Find the full list of their 26+ flavors at the link above!

D’s Naturals No Cow FluffButter Vanilla Maple 12 oz – AKA amazingness. Goes well with waffles, toast, rice cakes, bananas… you name it.

Buff Bake – Protein Almond Spread – Snickerdoodle

Lenny and Larry’s protein cookies – use the code BA76413 for 20% off your first order! For $10 off $50+ order, code: 10AMB50, $20 off $100+ order, code: 20AMB100, $40 off $200+ order, code: 40AMB20.


Precision Nutrition – hands-down my most recommended resource for nutrition and fitness. I’ve used their resources with numerous clients, and refer them here every day. – her mindset posts, metabolic workouts and moderation tips will help you find a happy medium – no more dieting or extreme hours in the gym! Love this woman for her passion, insight, authenticity, and beauty that resonates both inside and out. My #1 role model.
Thrive with Jen Sinkler – What do you do for cardio? “Lift weights faster!” -Jen Sinkler’s words, not mine :). This woman is empowering, radiates sunbeams of brightness and like her brand represents, unapologetically strong.
Bret Contreras – The Glute Guy – nicknamed “The Glute Guy” for his invention of the hip thrust exercise (and transforming thousands of women’s bodies!), this guy takes a scientific-based approach, countless research studies directly related to exercise. Want a better backside? This is your one stop shop. Seriously.
Nia Shanks – Lift Like A Girl – this blog and podcast will make you feel inspired and empowered!
Girls Gone Strong – an amazing, supportive community of strong female fitness professionals sharing valuable knowledge about embracing your inner and outer strength, mostly through lifting. – Practical yet simple enough for the average “nerd” – using milk cartons for rows was certainly original! – Need to get in a workout but can’t find the time? Looking for a quick at-home ab workout? Print off one of DareBee’s and put it to use!

For Personal trainers/Industry Professionals:
The Personal Trainer Development Center
Personal Trainer Edu

Life: – Feeling stuck, not knowing your purpose or direction? Watch one of Leo’s videos.
Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Work Week Blog – Author of Four Hour Work Week, Body, AND Chef – what’s next? Also check out his podcasts. I thought I wouldn’t be into them, but the two with Matt Mullenweg of WordPress and Maria Popova of Brain Pickings changed my mind. – very blunt, brilliant articles on life, relationships, and topics that pretty much all humans can relate to.
James Clear – the habit-change master – brief, but thoughtful blog posts to reflect and connect with your inner self
TinyBuddha – contributor articles written on mindfulness
BrainPickings – insightful book reviews on the brightest authors, leaders, philosophers, and history makers
99U – “Insights on making ideas happen” – includes some great TED Talks

My bookshelf:

Health/Fitness (Workouts/Nutrition):

Mindset/Psychology – Life Principles: