This page covers my favorite products – from protein bars to blogs to books (because there’s so much great info out there – and it should be shared!


Precision Nutrition – hands-down my most recommended resource for nutrition and fitness. I’ve used their resources with numerous clients, and refer them here every day. – her mindset posts, metabolic workouts and moderation tips will help you find a happy medium – no more dieting or extreme hours in the gym! Love this woman for her passion, insight, authenticity, and beauty that resonates both inside and out. My personal role model.
Thrive with Jen Sinkler – What do you do for cardio? “Lift weights faster!” -Jen Sinkler’s words, not mine :). This woman is empowering, radiates sunbeams of brightness and like her brand represents, unapologetically strong. Oh, and to top it off, she’s pretty much best friends with Jill Coleman (these two ladies are the ultimate fitness duo!)
Bret Contreras – The Glute Guy – nicknamed “The Glute Guy” for his invention of the hip thrust exercise (and transforming thousands of women’s bodies!), this guy takes a scientific-based approach, countless research studies directly related to exercise. Want a better butt? This is your one stop shop. Seriously.
Nia Shanks – Lift Like A Girl – this blog and podcast will make you feel inspired and empowered!
Girls Gone Strong – an amazing, supportive community of strong female fitness professionals sharing valuable knowledge about embracing your inner and outer strength, mostly through lifting. – Practical yet simple enough for the average “nerd” – using milk cartons for rows was certainly original! – Need to get in a workout but can’t find the time? Looking for a quick at-home ab workout? Print off one of DareBee’s and put it to use!

For Personal trainers/Industry Professionals:
The Personal Trainer Development Center
Personal Trainer Edu

Life: – Feeling stuck, not knowing your purpose or direction? Watch one of Leo’s videos.
Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Work Week Blog – Author of Four Hour Work Week, Body, AND Chef – what’s next? Also check out his podcasts. I thought I wouldn’t be into them, but the two with Matt Mullenweg of WordPress and Maria Popova of Brain Pickings changed my mind. – very blunt, brilliant articles on life, relationships, and topics that pretty much all humans can relate to.
James Clear – the habit-change master – brief, but thoughtful blog posts to reflect and connect with your inner self
TinyBuddha – contributor articles written on mindfulness
BrainPickings – insightful book reviews on the brightest authors, leaders, philosophers, and history makers
99U – “Insights on making ideas happen” – includes some great TED Talks

My Book Shelf: (a list continually growing). I’d love to hear your favorites!

Health/Fitness (Workouts/Nutrition):

Mindset/Psychology – Life Principles:



Favorite Products:
Quest Nutrition Protein Bars
Favorite protein bar – high in protein, chocolate chunks, and deliciousness. Find the full list of their 26+ flavors at the link above!

D’s Naturals No Cow FluffButter Vanilla Maple 12 oz
AKA amazingness. Goes well with waffles, toast, rice cakes, bananas… you name it.

Nike Womens Pro Core Compression Tights
My favorite running tights.