Question of the Day

Take 2 Minutes to help me out, so I can help you out! Answer my question of the day below. Thanks so much in advance!

Why the question? I’m not as consistent with posting as I’d like to be (which you may have noticed…), especially when it comes to pictures + videos or anything that highlights myself – and also because I’m not always sure what to post about (and on another level, I don’t want to annoy all my FB friends with gym selfies and food photos ;)) Because is that really useful? Idk… but one thing I have noticed is that people tend to be drawn to personal stuff, as difficult as it can be to put out there… so on a quest to become more consistently engaged online and provide the greatest value to others, I want to get feedback from YOU and find out what you’re wanting more of 🙂

Question of the Day:

A. What would you like to see more of on my social media + blog?

1. Workouts
2. Recipes/Meal Ideas
3. Personal Stories
4. Photos
5. Videos
7. Mindset/Motivational posts
8. Nutrition posts
9. Reviews/links to other articles + products
10. Other (please comment and let me know)

Pick your top 3-5 (in order) and comment below! Much appreciated 🙂

BONUS: What are your top 3-5 go-to fitness/nutrition/health/workout resources? (FB pages/Instagram accounts/blogs).

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