What Clients Say:

“Megan is a great trainer. She’s high energy, enthusiastic, and exudes freshness. Her workouts are very complete, addressing all major muscle areas of the body. In less than 10 workouts I’ve already regained lost endurance and muscle tone and can feel and see the difference in my body. I also feel great because she’s getting me back into a healthy morning rhythm. I would definitely recommend Megan to anyone looking for a great workout (personally I like to have her working out with me versus observing me). Her personality is wholesome, Megan is trustworthy and for me this is key when inviting someone into my home. Megan is an excellent trainer – I am very happy with our sessions.” – Marla

13061996_511086695756093_4563457985152397461_n“Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Megan Flanagan! 4 months ago we started this journey together. It’s had it’s ups and downs but I’m feeling happier, healthier and just better overall. Thank you Megan! I couldn’t do it without you.” -Meghan, pictured above – went from doing wall push-ups to over 12 floor push-ups and has lost more than 10 pounds while gaining lean mass.

12143251_1035547696493395_8694073007155334598_n“I felt that I really needed guidance and accountability with not just working out, but my eating habits and consistency. I sought out Megan specifically because of her down to earth philosophy and approach to health and fitness that I read about on her website. I thought she looked great and her attitude towards fitness was the kind I wanted to have. From beginning Megan was very organized and resourceful about everything — from nutrition to motivation advice to proper form for workouts (especially those kettle bell swings!).

The greatest benefit I’ve had from working with Megan is definitely the resources she’s supplied me with. I feel like I have more control over my workouts and I’m happy to be a lot more consistent with my workout schedule and my eating habits. More importantly, I’ve learned that just because achieving the results I want will take time it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the journey. Most of the work is really in mental and Megan has given me that extra push to keep a persistent mentality.

I’d recommend Megan for any college students that feel too busy to focus on their health and just want to start making that commitment to their own well-being. Also if someone is familiar with some workouts but wants to increase the intensity or variety, they should definitely work with Megan, too. Megan works well around people’s schedules, is very reachable, and resourceful!” – Errol, pictured above (went from 7 push-ups to 17!)

“I started working out on my own but wanted to make sure I was doing things correctly and getting a good overall workout. Megan met with me and helped me figure out my goals and then designed a workout plan that worked for me and would be something I could do at the gym and at home. She checked in regularly and was helpful when I was recovering from an injury and getting back on track. She’s very positive and is able to help people at any fitness level work towards their goals. I highly recommend her!” -Diana (lost 7.7% body fat; decreased fat mass -17.6l bs and increased fat free mass (muscle) by +6.2 lbs)

Megan helped me shape a better me!
I had three problems:

  1. a wonderful pregnancy and birth of an amazing baby boy,  that left me totally out of shape;
  2. a strong repulsion for any gym and aversion for any type of gym equipment and
  3. an incorrigible lack of self motivation.

Megan helped me address all these issues. By being there waiting for me every week and planning a schedule that would fit into my busy calendar, she eliminated any excuse for not being able to make it. 

Megan patiently helped me discover all the machines available in the gym and tailored the exercises on them to my strength and my ability. Thus, I discovered that when you know how to use gym equipment properly you actually get great exercise and can control your body better and avoiding injuries. Megan kept on changing the sequences of exercises so that it would never feel boring or repetitive so each time I discovered a new exercise and a new way to organize a new sequence.

So in the end I got familiar with the gym, I was surprisingly able to never miss an appointment and after only few months my body shape changed, with muscles more sculpted, less body fat and an overall better feeling about myself. Thank you Megan!” -Silvia, decreased body fat percentage and lost weight

“Megan helped me with my diet plan. I know how to exercise, but wasn’t skilled with nutrition. Many people get confused about what trainers are actually meant to do. They aren’t there to do the work for you, or be the source of your motivation. She helped facilitate my own drive and desire to get healthy. There wasn’t the feeling of “If I fail, she’ll catch me.” Rather, it was “If I fail, I failed, but she’ll be there to help me forward.” Of course, if she had done everything for me, that would have defeated the purpose of having a trainer at all. Know your role, she knows hers.” – David

“Megan targeted my fitness needs, and was an excellent trainer as she led me through each exercise, and provided positive motivation. I couldn’t have asked for a better personal trainer!”– Mardy (lost 5 pounds- still gets compliments on her fitness progress!)


Amritha lost 8.5% body fat from a few months of our strength training program (pictured above).

Feedback from 12 Week Weight Loss participants:

“I just wanted to say Thank You for all the great knowledge, encouragement and consistency you brought to my life. I wasn’t in today, but I think you would be proud. I went on a run yesterday (more like a run, jog, walk, sprint, run and walk) for 45 minutes. I now feel confident enough to be able to tackle the gym and to tackle my goals. This wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have you as a trainer, so Thank You! I now feel more prepared to work out consistently in the summer and to eat better. I can finally say that I don’t overeat, and that I’m eating healthier, a lot of veggies although I do have to work on eating more fruit. I appreciate your help in jump starting my new lifestyle. I can finally be one of those people who sits outside and has a salad LOL. I just, overall feel better about myself and my future outlook.”
“Thanks so much for these past 3 months! I appreciate all the work you have put into this program and it was a blessing to have you as a trainer. Your commitment to the people in the program and the training itself is inspiring, and I hope others have the chance to experience it!”