Living for the Present Moment

A few words inspired by The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety
by Alan Watts…presentmoments

In today’s society (even back in 1951, when the book was published):

We forget what it is to even live life at all, to simply be, to feel what it’s like to breathe.

We get caught up in making a living, in maintaining this state of living we have created for ourselves by continuing the cycle – forgetting to enjoy what simply is. We lavish ourselves, our families, our houses, with clothing, makeup, munificent furniture and the latest technologies, all kinds of prescriptions/treatments for our latest ailments, with more helpings of food than our bodies can comfortably hold. We spend our days at work, at school, grinding away the hours, the days, towards an unclear future destination, a figment of our imagination.

But what are we living for, if it is not the present moment?

The future drives us forward, yet it’s always onto the next thing. One accomplishment simply proceeds the next. We look ahead to make future plans before we’ve even had time to enjoy the ones we’re experiencing now. It’s like a child on Christmas day thinking about next year’s gifts upon unwrapping what is under the tree. Or a man and his wife on summer vacation. Where shall we go next year?

Regardless of age, the forward fullypresentcycle is a human habit. Onto the next year, the next purchase, the next job, the next destination. Always asking, what’s next? Never truly satisfied.

But how has it come to this? Have we forgotten about today so much that we can only set our eyes on tomorrow? How is it that everyone seems to think this way today?

We must remember:

There is no promise of tomorrow. We can only live for today. Take time to appreciate what is. Moments are fleeting, transient, lost in the blink of an eye – enjoy them, experience them, before they are gone.

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