4 Inspirational Podcasts You Should Listen To | Day 20

I gotta say, I’m a big podcast junkie. Serial? This American Life? Nah. Somewhere down the line in my quest for self-improvement, I kept hearing the term “podcast.” At first, it sounded like a waste of time, but once I began listening, I was hooked. If you’re only listening to music on walks and drives, you’re missing out! Podcasts will drop you some knowledge bombs, actionable insight and motivation to get you going. Best of all? They’re free!

Give these a try – my top 4 go-to podcasts for inspiration:

1.  School of Greatness with Lewis Howes – All-around inspirational podcast featuring some of the world’s greatest minds. Lewis’ guests offer up personal stories and amazing advice, both in podcast and online video form.

Start with:

Tony Robbins: Key to Success, Wealth and Fulfillment and 7 Simple Steps to Master the Game of Money

Amanda Enayati: How to Manage Stress and Overcome Anxiety

Marie Forleo: How to Build a Business and Life You Love

2. The Art of Charm – like the title says, Jordan Harbinger’s podcast focuses on sociability – from personal relationships to career networking to improving confidence. Episodes are high-energy and feature some of the greatest

Start with:

Michelle Lederman – The Laws of Likeability

Ramit Sethi – Cold Truths About Networking and Success

Carol Dweck – The Motivated Mindset

Esther Perel – Mating in Captivity

3. Inside Quest – hosted by creator of Quest Nutrition, this podcast focuses on self-improvement, both video and podcast form.

Start with:

Learning from Failure feat. Rainn Wilson, Robert Greene and Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece on Self-Worth, Tenacious Gratitude, and Raw Vulnerability

4. The Chalene Johnson Show – listening to Chalene is like having a best friend, big sis and life coach in your ear! Whether you’re in need of fitness motivation, everyday energy and confidence tips or just a pick-me-up, she’ll deliver it candidly and is sure to make you laugh!

Start with:

Motivation and Energy on Demand

Honorable Mentions:

For Health, Fitness and Overall Wellness: Harder to Kill Radio, The FitCast, The Nia Shanks Show and Untame the Wild Soul.

For Runners: Runner’s Connect and Running On Om.

For Business/Success: EOFire, The EntreLeadership Podcast, Young Entrepreneur, ProBlogger Podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, The Tony Robbins Podcast.

Do you listen to any podcasts? What are your top 3 favorites? Leave a comment below and let me know!