How to Travel Healthy During the Holidays

With the holiday season, lots of us will be in for long car rides, plane rides, and just plain sitting 😛 I will be headed to Italy on my first trip out of the country – in for a long plane ride! What can we do to stay healthy and maintain our fitness, even during those holiday trips? These are a few of my best travel tips!

  1. Prep before you go – You likely know the trip is not going to be the most exercise-packed, so get in some tough workouts beforehand. This is the time to push your limits and induce a little soreness with ample time to recover. It’s also important to watch what you’re eating beforehand – if you’re headed to a big holiday bash with lots of dishes to try and Grandma’s famous cookies, forgo the treats the few days before and watch what you’re eating so that you don’t feel overloaded before arriving to the annual holiday feast.
  2. Set up a workout plan – Will you be staying with family or at a hotel? Is there a gym nearby that offers weekly or daily passes? Anyone in your family that would be up for working out with you? Is there a path you can run on, or a route in the neighborhood? Even if there isn’t a gym, a few sets of push ups and bodyweight squats is better than nothing! Playgrounds can also make for great workout spots. Establish a plan ahead of time, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it.
  3. Bring some healthy airplane snacks to save you money AND calories. For me, this is typically Quest Bars, protein powders, and oatmeal packets for breakfast. Occasionally I’ll bring along an apple to keep away the munchies in the airport. When returning home from Minneapolis, I was literally eating green beans in the airport… probably my weirdest yet. It got me a few stares, but hey, I wasn’t giving into the overpriced airplane food (i.e. $5 for a protein bar!). The people around me were slurping on Venti frappuccinos and chowing down Butterfingers. And then there are the airplane pretzels, peanuts, and 6-month old frozen sandwiches… BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks).
  4. Take walk breaks – get up and move around. Whether you’re on a cross country road trip or a flight across the world, stretching and walking around regularly (every hour or so) will keep your body limber and energized. Upon arrival, walking around your destination will also allow you to see more sights.
  5. Pack for fitness – Don’t forget to pack workout clothes and shoes! Wear your FitBit or step tracker if you have one – having the accountability will keep you moving. Pack a resistance band or two into your suitcase. Pack like a fit person, and you will be a fit person. In fact, for reading this article, you already are!

Follow these top 5 tips for healthy travel and you’ll be good to go! It seems like a difficult task to stay focused on fitness during the holiday season, but it’s easier than you think. What do you do to stay healthy while on the go? Comment below with your best healthy tip for travel!