The Single Best Glute Exercise That You’re Probably NOT Doing | Day 17

We all want a good set of glutes, right? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions from my clients – What exercises will get me a better butt? Squats? Deadlifts? Hip Thrusts? Yes, these are good options – but there is one that hits your entire posterior chain and targets your glutes directly. I discussed building those glutes in a previous post, which you can view here:

When a client and I first walk up to the reverse hyperextension equipment, I typically ask if they’ve ever tried it before.

The most common response I get is:

“Oh, that one? Yeah, that’s for your back, right?” To which my inner response is: NOOO.

The way most of us learn to feel it is in their back. When in fact, you want to feel it in your butt.

This is one of the most incorrectly performed exercises out there. Let me teach you the better way to better glutes!

How to perform:
1) Adjust machine just below waist height.

2) Initiate the movement by squeezing your glutes and pressing your thighs into the mat, keeping your chin tucked down and eyes pointed down towards the floor. Your head should be the last part of your body to roll up.

3) Squeeze and hold at the top position with a neutral spine (flat back).

4) Return to starting position and repeat.

Tips: Try to minimize movement from your back, maintaining a relaxed spine (neutral to slightly rounded, NOT arched!). You know you’re doing it right when you feel your glutes burning.

Start with 2-3 sets of bodyweight, working up to 20-30 reps with ~45 sec. rest. Once you can do that (without any back pain), add in a weight and work your way back up!

Important to note: You should be feeling this in your butt, not your back. If you’re having issues with this, imagine there is $100 bill back there – hold onto it like your life depends on it.

Have you tried this exercise before? Did you feel any different trying it this way? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Post (and exercise) inspired by Bret Contreras (Fitness Page), AKA “The Glute Guy.”