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Fitting in a workout and getting to the gym is sometimes tough (I can relate – making the grade in microbiology doesn’t leave much gym time). Luckily there are all kinds of body-weight workouts you can complete at-home or in your dorm within minutes. But why follow a standard Pinterest routine? Get creative and design your own! In this workout, you choose the moves and mix it up based on the areas you want to target!

How should you go about choosing your exercises?

(1) Pick 5-10 exercises – 1-2 from each category for full-body or focus on fewer categories to target certain body parts (even just 2-3 exercises is perfectly fine, if you have less time).

(2) Aim for 8-20 reps for each exercise (10 reps is a good benchmark for most moves, while 20 is good for ab exercises).

(3) Run through the exercises based on 30 seconds for each exercise OR number of reps + sets completed. Set a timer for 5, 10, or 15 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible!

Cardio (As warmup or part of your routine):

Jumping Jacks


Jumping lunges and squats


Squats (single or both legs)

Single leg reach

Lunge (reverse, lateral, or forward)

Bridge (try it one leg for an extra challenge!)


Down dog leg kick-backs


Fire hydrants


Push-ups: narrow-grip for triceps, wider grip , jumping push-ups for power!


Punches (from plank position or standing)

Arm raises

Shoulder taps (from push-up position)


Pull-ups (if you have a bar)



Plank (don’t forget sides!)


Russian Twist

Flutter kicks

Leg raises


Side-to-side heel touches

Mountain climbers

*Always a good idea to follow every workout by stretching! I recommend going through a series of basic yoga poses.

Neila Rey is also a great resource for quick and effective body weight workouts.

These are just a few of my most tried-and-true body weight exercises – there are millions more out there, and even tougher variations to give your body that extra challenge! Experiment with your own workout design and let me know what you come up with 🙂

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