Note to Self: We Are Who We Choose to Be.

I think we’ve all been faced with a time when we feel like things are falling apart, or that we’re in over our heads – it happens, it’s life. Life is overwhelming in itself, not to mention the day-to-day responsibilities we face as we go about trying to make it out alright. But when we free ourselves from these thoughts, we realize that none very few of these worries are actually obligations – many are within our control. Who we are is a product of who we choose to be. If we expend all of our time and efforts at work, we will become workaholics: strangers to friends and distant from those we love; on the contrary, devoting our lives entirely to meeting others’ needs has us centralized outside ourselves – both result in little amount of time for self care and inner reflection, which are essential to fully grow as individuals. Strive for a balance between time for yourself and making an impact on others. Remember, who you are is entirely it is in your power.

Radiate positivity. Love unconditionally. Be Mindful.

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