Why I Don’t Blog About Diet Plans

Given that this is a health and fitness website, you’d think I ought to write more about meal plans. While that’s all well and good, it’s not me. And to be honest, it isn’t going to help you either.

Why don’t I blog about the top 10 must eat superfoods, 5 best butt exercises you MUST do today or the single best meal plan for a killer bod?

Let’s pose it this way: Can you list 5 exercises for your abs, legs or arms? 5 foods you “should” be eating? 5 rules you “should” be following?

Now, why don’t I blog about topics that way?

Because everyone already has! There is SO MUCH INFO OUT THERE. Diet plans, workout programs, the latest research studies – we can find all of this online, in magazines, in e-books, FOR FREE. In fact, most of it has been out there for ages. But the thing is, most of us don’t follow it (myself included). The ratio of reading to actually doing is little to none.

For myself and the direction of my blog, I literally see this as a disservice, because it’s simply distracting people from what they really need, and wasting my time writing words that really mean nothing. Health and fitness blogs are great, but when they’re simply restating what people have already said, time and time again, in ways that are simply eye-catching or appealing to read, that does absolutely nothing for the reader.

I get that some people may not know the basic principles of how to do certain exercises for certain muscles, or really are unaware of what is considered a healthy meal and what isn’t, but let’s put this into perspective: there are people out there performing research everyday, publishing articles on it, sharing how-to’s, and building meal plans that are not being used; and there are more and more people struggling with their own health and wellbeing every day as obesity rates, insurance rates and lifestyle-preventable diseases continue to rise. To me, that’s sad.

This message isn’t that we’re incompetent or failures – that is not at all true. I am simply establishing that in the age of information, we are overloaded with knowledge, but stuck on where to begin, or how to continue. We’re in the fast lane, going nowhere.

With a plethora of research, articles and apps at our fingertips (more than we could possibly read in a lifetime), we know what to do.

So why don’t we do it?


Because life’s too short not to eat fried cookie dough every once in a while (an annual 1x/year habit I stick with).

Because the difference between knowing and actually doing takes a lot more than we think is worth it.

It begins in your mind. It begins with your behavior. It begins with committing to something you can stick to. 

We ought to focus more on how to elicit change – by creating daily habits, one by one.

How do we do this? Set your mind to what you want to achieve. Pick a habit you can stick to – anything: 20 push-ups everyday, 10 minutes of meditation, one veggie at every meal, 8 glasses of water, reaching those 10,000 steps. Pick ONE. Commit to it. Implement it into your daily action plan. Find a source of accountability, and use it regularly. All of this is easier said than done, but when done, it’s worth it.

 “The best plan is one you can stick with.”

To start, read James Clear’s Habit Guide. THIS is where the magic happens.

Is there a habit you’ve been wanting to implement?

Tweet me @meginspirefit or shoot me an email at meginspire@gmail.com with your habit! I’ll be your “Accounta-Billy Buddy” and help you along the way 🙂


 Recommended Reading + Resources:

Lean Habits by Georgie Fear

Why There’s So Much Confusion Over Health and Nutrition via Life Hacker:
“If you believed the internet, you’d think there’s huge debate over whether eggs, coffee, or salt are good or bad for you. In reality, there’s significant agreement on diet and health issues among experts, but the general public is conflicted. So why are we so confused when experts agree? Let’s clear the air.”

The 10 Most Credible Health and Fitness Bloggers You Can Trust via Complete Performance
“Here’s the sad truth about most health and fitness blogs:

For every 10 minutes you spend reading, watching, and listening, maybe 1 will be spent consuming accurate information.

After an hour of surfing the internet, you end up with a small collection of random facts, buried underneath a pile of garbage.

Luckily, there’s a simple way you can solve this problem.

Find the experts you can trust. Follow their sites, read their articles, and ignore the rest.”

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