5 Things You can Do to Become Healthier Today

If there’s anything to keep in mind when training others, it’s that becoming fitter is not an overnight overhaul. Hiring a personal trainer and expecting to go from high carb, sedentary lifestyle to workout every day and a no-carb meal plan is not sustainable or lasting. Or healthy, for that matter. It’s the small changes that make the big transformations. There are numerous ways to become healthier today. And by choosing one way to become healthier each day, you’ll become much healthier over time.

1. Write it down. This is first and foremost step to greatthingstracking and achieving your goals. Once it’s on paper, it’s out there. Jot down your top 3 fitness goals, problem areas, whatever it is you’d like to change. Then identify the steps you need to get there.

2. Take a walk. (or a run). Just go out and get moving. Getting in one little bit of exercise into your day makes all the difference. Better yet, get in a few bits. Set a timer every hour and get in a few push-ups.

3. Make a nutritional swap. Trade that afternoon soda for a bottle of water. Make your latte skinny. Replace the extra cup of rice with a cup of green veggies. These little things add up. This can be simplified into one refined carb or sugar source for a veggie, lean protein, or fruit. Natural always beats processed.

4. Stand instead of sit. Put your laptop on a higher surface and try the stand-up desk for an hour. Regardless on your weight, you’ll burn some extra calories. Not feeling the laptop? Try it on your next phone call. Standing > Sitting. Read my article on the dangers of sitting here.

5. Disconnect & reflect. Unplug from the i-phone, computer, i-pad, and think: What is the single best thing you can do for your health today? What did you or can you do to make that happen?

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