5 Simple Mindset Shifts for Success

Far too many of us waste time sitting, waiting, and wishing. Making excuses and talking ourselves out of things. Limiting our success and neglecting our potential. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It cannot stay this way.

At this point in your life, you probably have a lot of questions that have never been answered, dreams of someday, ideas that have hit the back burner. Let’s turn your questions into answers. Let’s turn these ideas into reality. Let’s make someday into today. Stop the sitting, waiting, wishing. Go out and make things happen. It all begins with you and how you think. Gain power and influence, believe in yourself, and create success with these 5 simple but game-changing mindset shifts:

  1. Fixed → Growth – too many of us operate from a fixed mindset, surrendering to the notion that“it is the way it is.” That things which have been will always be. This makes growth impossible. A growth mindset, on the other hand, operates by the belief that we are continually evolving. The first step to reaching your potential is believing you have the capacity to change.
  2. Should → MUST – “I should work out. I should eat healthier. I should do things I enjoy more often. I should spend more time with my significant other.” But when does it become a MUST? When life is on the line? Before it comes down to that, we must change our should-do’s into must-do’s to create urgency. You must prioritize health, relationships, and relaxation. The things that really matter should be musts.
  3. Can → Will – it’s not if you can, it’s if you will. Can you graduate college in 2 years, start a business, run a marathon and travel to all 7 continents? Of course you can. But will you?
  4. What → How – we have plenty of ideas, changes, and things on our to do lists. You could probably list 5 ways to become healthier, or 3 ways to improve your relationships or career. It’s not the what that is the problem; it’s figuring out how to implement whatever it is that you want to achieve. Change your to-do’s into how-to’s.
  5. If → When – turn the “if it happens” to “when it happens.” It’s not a matter of “if we go on vacation” or “if I quit my job and launch this business” or “if I fit into my skinny jeans” or “if I feel confident in a bikini.” It’s when. When will this “if” thought happen? Set a date. Make a timeline. And make it happen.

Yes, I know this is some tough love and easier said than done, but truly considering how these apply to your thoughts and making these mindset shifts from fixed to growth, from if to when, from should to must, will change your life.

Post inspired by Jill Coleman of JillFit Physiques. Read her stellar blog on mindset, nutrition, and fitness here.

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