The Start of a New Month – And a New Challenge. | Day 12

Today marks August 1st – meaning fall is coming soon! With a new month comes a fresh start. For many of us, it’s the start of the semester. This is the perfect time to commit to your fitness and embark a new challenge. I have one in store for you, hosted by Jill Coleman, fitness, nutrition and mindset expert at It’s called the 20×20 Challenge and here it is: complete 20 workouts in the next 31 days (by the end of this month).

Why join a monthly fitness challenge?

1. Commitment – setting a schedule makes you much more likely to stick to your goals – not just in fitness, but in life. Commitment puts you on the hook. I’ll admit, I was flakey the past several months when it came to blogging. But since I publicly committed to the 30 Day Blog Blitz, I’ve been consistently blogging for 12 days straight – there’s no backing down!

2. Clarity – what’s the worst thing you can do when showing up to the gym? Not having a plan. You end up wandering aimlessly from machine to machine, spending more time and getting less done – not what you set out for! Having a specific workout to follow allows you to get laser-focused, which is exactly what you need to get in and out, while logging an effective sweat sesh. In the 20×20, workouts are already written for you!

3. Convenience – perhaps the biggest barrier to working out? Time. “I just don’t have an hour to get to the gym and back.” I feel ya, sister! BUT – how about if the workout is less than 20 minutes AND can be done at home? Jill’s 12 workouts are high intensity circuits – some strength, some running/treadmill incline, all of which can be done with a set of dumbbells. Her workouts are killer good and the best part is, all of them can be completed in 20 minutes or less. I set a timer on the shoulder circuit and it only took me 12 minutes! But boy, was I sore the next day. I can easily say that was the fastest and most effective shoulder workout I’ve ever completed.

4. Accountability – We’ve all heard “work out with a buddy” before, but there is good news for those who prefer to go it solo (or just can’t seem to match up schedules with a gal pal). You don’t have to work out with someone to hold you accountable – social media sharing has benefits, too! A weight loss research study “showed people who posted progress photos documenting their weight loss lost 1.2 lbs. per week, compared to 0.27 lbs. lost when they didn’t use the sharing platform. Strong social circles are seen as very effective in combatting obesity. In a 2013 research study published inTranslational Behavioral Medicine, participants who published their weight loss progress on Twitter lost more weight than those who kept their progress to themselves.”

5. Reward – not only is Jill offering some pretty sweet prizes to the most consistent women who post pics from their workouts on Instagram (with the hashtag #20x20Challenge), but accomplishing 20 workouts in 31 days is internally rewarding. You may experience the following (in Jill’s words): “Physique changes, consistency, feeling healthier and generally feeling like a total badass!” I don’t know about you, but achieving each of those (or all) sounds worth it to me.


Commitment is waiting for you — and so is this challenge. Join thousands of women in the 20×20 Challenge and level up your fitness this month. To sign up, click here and receive your 12 free HIIT workouts from Jill!