This morning, one of my classes at the recreation center had the privilege of listening to a wonderful guest speaker: Stephanie Wagner, Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and owner of Inner Fire Health Coaching. She has a personal weight loss story, having lost over 70 pounds over the course of […]

The 3 Pillars of Wellness with Stephanie Wagner

nutrition rules
Today’s article is a guest post by Katherine Edgecumbe, certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition coach, and owner of Katherine Lynn Fitness, her online fitness and nutrition coaching business. Katherine and I initially connected over Facebook, where she’s been crushing it with Facebook live videos that are super helpful, down-to-earth and […]

Guest Post: Why Nutrition Rules Give You Freedom

30 days of blogging
What 30 Days of Blogging Taught Me Day 30 of my 30 day blogging challenge has finally come. And? I’ve been sitting here for 3 hours, trying to decide what to blog about. I can’t say it’s gotten any easier. What I can say is that it’s taught me a […]

What 30 Days of Blogging Taught Me | Day 30

Willpower – something we’ve all heard at one time or another. Is it something we run out of? Is it something we can get more of? “Weight loss comes down to willpower,” they say. Let me tell you the truth — it doesn’t. Here’s why: When Willpower Fatigues When you […]

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work – And What Does

lunge madness workout
Today’s workout is called lunge madness, designed to hit your legs from all angles. Lunges target your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. You can do this workout at home or in the gym – all you need is a set of dumbbells! Save this one for your next lower body […]

Workout Wednesday: Lunge Madness | Day 28

It’s day 27 of my 30 day blog challenge. I started off the morning strong with a solid run, opened up my laptop promptly at 9am and typed in my biggest to-do task: blog. It’s now 12:53 and I’ve been sitting here for 4 hours with a blank screen in […]

For the Days You Feel Unmotivated | Day 27

avocado smoothie recipe
For being the avocado lover that I am, it’s been a while since I’ve shared an avocado recipe. Well, it’s about time! This is a newly made avocado smoothie recipe, named “The Green Monster” thanks to its color. If you’ve never tried avocado in your smoothie, you’re missing out! The […]

Green Monster Avocado Smoothie Recipe | Day 26

Today I’m sharing my favorite chicken recipe: sundried tomato goat cheese chicken stuffed with spinach! This is a dinner I make at least once a week because of how good it tastes. It completely transformed the way I see chicken breast! Total Prep Time: 1 hour Serves: 2 (for more […]

Tomato Goat Cheese Chicken Recipe| Day 25

snacking when bored
Do you struggle with snacking when bored? In this article, I’ll show you how to tackle that, and help you prevent those 5:00 munchies! Somewhere the clock strikes 5… And a hard worker has just arrived home. Feeling famished from the long day, they couldn’t help but spend the drive […]

How to Stop Snacking When Bored | Day 24